Hi folks - right here we go.


Firstly, my apologies for the delay - events overtook me with the sudden ripening of our plum crop leading to the making of lots of jam and chutney!  The apples are very very close to being ready as well now.... LOL


Anyway - here are a number of items for the project.


A - Score sheets


1) PDF file with complete score for the four parts - Full Score

2) PDF file for vln1. - Vln 1. Score

3) PDF file for vln2. - Vln 2. Score

4) PDF file for viola. - Viola Score

5) PDF file for cello. - Cello Score


B - Synthesized rendition of entire piece.


            This will give you an idea of what the overall finished and mixed down project could sound like.   Naturally, when doing the mixing down of all your individual parts, I'll adjust the different instrument levels to make them sound as good as I can.


6) MP3 audio file, all parts - Synth audio, all parts


C - In-ear play alongs


            All the play-alongs are provided as an animated-score play-along as an mp4 video file, on an individual instrument basis.   Each animated play-along track animates the score for a single instrument, however, the audio which accompanies the separate videos is the full-orchestrated version for use in-ear.   Doing it this way (rather than just the audio for the individual instrument) was generally felt to be better - however - if anyone wants the animated video of some single instrument with ONLY that instrument playing - I'll be happy to do that.   Let me know if that's your preference....


            All play-alongs come with a visual 10 second delay (just to let you get the play-along started on whatever platform you are using and get into position with your ear-piece fitted and instrument).   Then, there are two bars of drum-beats i.e. ONE to three four, ONE two three four - and you will start playing on what would be the next "ONE" (unless of course it's a rest but you know what I mean....


            When preparing this, it struck me that it might be useful to provide the play-alongs both without the drum-beat - so I've provided two versions of each play-along.  ALL have the two-bar drum-beat intro, but on one of the versions, the drum does NOT continue throughout the play-along,  and on the other version, the drum-beat continues throughout the piece.   I thought some of you might prefer the "metronomic" nature so as well as the visual cue from the animated score, you have a clear "metronome click" as well.


            So - that makes a total of 8 separate play-along video files, two variants for each instrument - here they are -



7) Vln1 animated score video drum intro only. - Vln 1. animated Score

8) Vln2 animated score video drum intro only. - Vln 2. animated Score

9) Viola animated score video drum intro only. - Viola animated Score

10) Cello animated score video drum intro only. - Cello animated Score


11) Vln1 animated score video, with drum-click throughout - Vln 1. animated Score

12) Vln2 animated score video, with drum-click throughout - Vln 2. animated Score

13) Viola animated score video, with drum-click throughout - Viola animated Score

14) Cello animated score video, with drum-click throughout - Cello animated Score


Some final points / notes :


a) The overall piece runs for about 2m 20s


b) If you are playing to the actual score sheet, then somewhat unusually, I have made the bar numbering start at bar number minus-six.  The first two bars are silence (although you will hear the two-bars of drum clicks to get you synched up).   There are then 4 bars of a little "intro" I put together, and then, finally, the repeated parts of the piece start on bar number 1.  That makes counting the bars of the main piece easy, bars 1 to 16 are repeated once, then bars 17 to 32 are repeated


c) Something odd happened in the score editor, and the playback volume would change.  To all intents and purposes, play the entire piece "mf" and ignore any dynamics hints that may occur.  ( I think I got most of it sorted, still don't know what happened though)


d) If the higher notes on viola and cello are a difficult reach - feel free to play anything that simply harmonises - it'll make it more interesting anyway/  Like drop a 4th, or an octave if the note is just too hard to stretch or position to !   It won't matter !


OK - I think I've done everything I can think of to make this as easy as possible for players of different ability.    I'm close to the point of never wanting to hear this tune again !


If you need any other arrangement to help, just let me know.....